Windows 8 isn’t released officially yet, but developers already have all the tools required for Windows 8 Store app development. Writing applications for the new, almost empty marketplace is a unique opportunity by itself, but to make it even more interesting Microsoft and Intel initiated two competitions.

This contest is a joint effort of Microsoft and StackOverflow. Submit your app before December 6th, 2012 to compete for cash prizes, one of the Windows RT tablets or a Grand Prize equals to $5000.

In addition to apps contest, includes a reviewer contest. By answering Windows 8-related questions and providing app reviews, you can win one of tablets or Windows 8 licenses.

The Windows 8 & Ultrabook App Innovation Contest

The contest is brought to you by Intel and CodeProject. Prize pool for this event includes 300 Ultrabooks, fifty $1,000 cash prizes, seven $10,000 cash prizes and a grand prize of $20,000.

The goal of the contest is to create Ultrabook enabled Windows 8 applications. Windows 8 Store apps or Ultrabook-optimized desktop applications are equally acceptable.

During the first round, ends October 24, participants need to submit app write up as a CodeProject article. 300 first round winners will get Ultrabooks for app development and testing and will compete for the grand prize in round 2. Round 2 ends November 21.

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