Talk: Using NuGet libraries in your application

NuGet is not only a Visual Studio extension or a command line application. It is also a set of libraries which can be used to manipulate NuGet packages programmatically. Do you have a unique CI process, beyond the expected NuGet workflow? Do you need your own way to propagate dependencies between the subsystem? Or maybe you want to create a NuGet-based deployment process for the end users? During this session you will learn about the main NuGet library concepts, will see example of the embedded NuGet usage and will hear some guidance to help you with integrating NuGet with your own application.

The code demonstrated during the presentation is described in Using the NuGet v3 libraries in your projects post and used in Dropcraft project.


Talk: C# code sharing across the platforms

Portable, shared, net-standard libraries – so many options to choose when you need to share some code between the platforms. During this talk we will explore all the options and differences between the library types. After the session you will have a solid understanding of the modern .NET library types and code sharing strategies which you can apply for your next .NET Core, desktop or Xamarin project.


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