Quick start manual
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How to add items into the library

Method 1

Click "Add New Items" button to open a dialog form. In the form, type the keywords and add items to the list: drag files and links from Windows Explorer or web browser, or edit the list using Plus and Minus buttons.

Method 2

Open your favorite file manager, find a file, drag it and drop into TaggedFrog cloud zone.

Method 3

Do the same, but hold Control button pressed and drop the file directly under a tag - it will open "Add New Items" form with pre-typed tag name.

Method 4

Select one or more tags from the cloud and drop an item into the items list. TaggedFrog will add the item into the library and mark it with all the selected keywords.


Scan and tag

This feature allows you adding the files using the simple rules. Every rule specify path to scan, search mask and list of tags to assign for the found files. Create as many rules as you like, press Scan and TaggedFrog will add the files to the library.



While scanning gives you a possibility to add the files at once, with auto-tagging you can instruct TaggedFrog to control the selected folders and automatically add the new files into the library.

But please be wise while you are using this feature - for example, it is not a very good idea to control the whole C drive, because it could significantly decrease program speed. Try to be as more specific as you can and setup the rules for the necessary folders only.

How to locate files

It's very easy - simply click on the keyword in the tag cloud and TaggedFrog will display the list of the tagged items.But sometimes you can have a lot of tags in the cloud or many items tagged with the same keyword. In this case you can use filters.

Library filters

There are four predefined library filters - Bookmarks, Office Documents, PDF Documents and Images. Use the filters to reduce size of the cloud and to display the files of the selected type. You are able to edit these filters to add your own file types.

Custom filters

You can create your own filters. Open Menu and click "New Filter", in the dialog form enter the file extensions separated by comma. E.g.: cpp, pas, cs.


If you use a group of tags frequently you can create your favorite set of tags. Open Menu and click "New Set", in the dialog form type the keywords. Later, you can edit the set using "Edit Set" menu or dragging a tag from the cloud and dropping it into the set.

File filters

If the item list contains the files of different types, you can use the secondary filter to select the required files only. Select the filter from the drop down menu or type file extension directly, e.g.: html.