TaggedFrog downloads

x86 version:TaggedFrog_Setup_1.1_win32.exe (1.0 MB)
x64 compatible version:TaggedFrog_Setup_1.1_win64.exe (1.0 MB)
Portable version:TaggedFrog_1.1.zip (924 KB) x86 and x64 OS compatible



Simple audio preview extension for .wav, .ogg, .mod, .it, .s3d and .xm files. The extension is designed to help musicians organize audio sample libraries and supports play/stop, auto-play and loop functions. Croak is not included in full and portable versions of TaggedFrog.

Download: Croak_1.0.zip (231 KB), sources (22.5 KB)


The extension allows importing the keywords from composite file names and from Windows files meta-information. Meta is already included in full version but is not included in portable version.

Download: Meta_1.0.zip (28 KB), sources (22 KB)

What's new in version 1.1

  • Import from CSV file
  • "Change drive name" for better library portability
  • Better x64 Windows support
  • Improved large images handling (reduced memory usage)

Upgrading from previous versions

  • Uninstall your previous version and install a new one
  • Or you can download .zip file, unzip it and copy the new files over your old files